Monday, September 12, 2011

This is a sample section of an interactive DVD about HIV/AIDS made by UNICEF Philippines, in partnership with the Department of Education. It is targeted at young people.

'The Power of You' video is part of a set of DepEd/UNICEF education materials about HIV and STIs aimed at the youth.  The story is about the lives of Francis and Sara,  two regular teens faced with relationship dilemmas.

Sara is a 16-year old high school honor student. She has an older boyfriend, Bob, who is pressuring her to 'do it' with him to prove her love. What will Sara do?

Like Sara, Francis is also in 4th year high school, a popular guy and a star basketball player.  Francis is under a lot of peer pressure to prove his 'macho' image by trying drugs and having sex with a girl who’s running after him. 

Sara and Francis are both faced with difficult decisions, similar to most teens nowadays.  What would they choose to do?  The ‘Power of You’ video tells a great story and why one should believe in one’s power to say NO.   

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